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Picture Of Mumbles by Peter Wood (http://www.hugobia.co.uk/ (since 22 May 1999)

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was adopted by my humans - otherwise known as Mummy and Daddy - on 8th October 1986 and, as you may notice from my (rather handsome) picture, I'm a member of the AG Bear species. (You can find out more about me at the Help Rescue A.G. Bear page.)

Although I come from Northampton, I spent my formative weeks in Preston, England. I arrived just in time too, because Daddy had recently started a new job in Northampton, 160 miles away, when Mummy managed to injure her leg at work, rendering her practically immobile; not only that, but Grandpa had had a heart attack! It was all a bit traumatic, but of course I coped admirably with it all! Mummy really was most grateful for all my help and support in Daddy's absence.

Teddy Image courtesy of Peter Wood (http://www.hugobia.co.uk/) Picture Of Mumbles by Peter Wood (http://www.hugobia.co.uk/ Anyway, I soon returned to my roots in Northampton, when Mummy and Daddy finally found us a new home.

The hug was quite small when I arrived - about 50 teddies - but there was a bit of a population explosion over the next five to ten years. In fact, it got to the point where, with 591 of us, somebody just had to take control - so my natural leadership qualities came to bear (pardon pun).

The photograph on the left, known as the Bi-Centeddial Photograph, was taken when our hug reached 200; you can click on it for a larger version, but be warned - it is 66Kb and may take some time to download! Alternatively, why not solve the Jigsaw Version of the Bi-Centeddial Photograph?

I was therefore appointed Bear In Chief, which is quite a responsibility, even though I do say so myself! My duties include:

Picture Of Fluppy In recognition of the heavy responsibility I bear (pun intended!), I have my own chair, with comfy cushions, and a badge of office!

I have also recently enlisted the help of Fluppy as a sort of guard puppy, to assist me in keeping the chaps in line. Fluppy was adopted at a visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park on Saturday, 9 May 1998.

I'm not really a travelling ted myself - it's all to do with my battery powered pack. Mummy always worries about me at the airport in case my insides set the scanner off and I'm subjected to undignified internal searches. Much better not to risk it.

That's why this Internet job is such good fun - I call it "bear chair travel" - don't have to move an inch to correspond with my friends all over the world. However, I must say I do quite like it when we nip over to France by ferry and have a little sojourn on the Loire - so very pleasant those little French holiday homes you know. Had one on a vineyard once - was so much fun - especially as the owner made eight different wines and let us taste them all! Had very thick furs in the morning, I must say! Oh, and as a special treat for all my efforts, Mummy and Daddy have taken me for a 'promenade to Paris' on that nice Eurostar five times in the last five years - did so enjoy it!

Well, must sign off - time for breakfast buns and Saturday morning GAF (that's bear-speak for Good Adventure Film) - look forward to hearing from you all out there.

P.S. Would it surprise you to know that Daddy and I support the Chicago Bears?

P.P.S. I recently received an email from a lovely lady who has developed a beautiful range of teddy bears called Mumbles, although, sadly, I cannot honestly claim that this is anything to do with me! Still, they do look like jolly nice chaps!

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