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This page is intended to show photographs of Magic Squares found in real life.

If anybody finds any other Magic Squares and would like to let me have a photograph of them, I would be very grateful.

Shown below is the first photograph of a Magic Square that I have obtained (from a friend). This particular photograph was taken at Gaudi's cathedral in Barcelona, and you will notice (if you have exceptionally good eyesight) that the "Magic Total" is 33, which is popularly acknowledged as the age at which Jesus Christ died.

Magic Square at Gaudi's cathedral in Barcelona For those of you whose eyesight is less than perfect, the Magic Square is reproduced here:


Magic Square at Gaudi's cathedral in Barcelona This photograph of the same Magic Square was taken by Gordon Brindle whilst on holiday in Barcelona to celebrate his wife's birthday.

Finally, there is an interesting article by George Zimmerman on this Subirachs Magic Square.

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