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"I have often admired the mystical way of Pythagoras, and the secret magic of numbers" - Sir Thomas Browne, 1605 - 1682

The above quotation accurately describes my own fascination with numbers generally, but also with Magic Squares (or Quadramagicology, as "New Scientist" magazine recently called it). I hope to show you in these pages some of the many aspects of Magic Squares, and maybe kindle that spark in you too.

As opposed to other mindless ways people find of spending their time online - some people like to play bingo, others prefer to play flash games, but the majority of the herd just spends all of their time on facebook - Magic Squares are not only fun, but they actually help develop your thinking skills in several different ways (e.g. a Magic Squares worksheet is a great educational puzzle for children - did you know you can even teach your baby math?).

The information shown on the pages indicated below is mainly taken from my book on Magic Squares, which I wrote as my "entrance examination" to become a Member of The Magic Circle, although other sources have also been used:

  Magic Squares Book by Mark S. Farrar

Magic Squares also present an opportunity to learn about the probability theory (e.g. combinations and permutations), which crop up all over the place, including, for example, calculating your winning odds at online slot games or trying to predict the odds of the elections and even bingo you can enjoy online.

This is, however, an aspect of Magic Squares that is under-developed by most magicians, who often only highlight a small portion of the truly amazing properties of even small squares, such as the 4 x 4.

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