Taschy Meets Gordon Blue

Day 9 - Tekcit

Well, it was time to leave Paris today, via our return ticket (now do you understand today's title?) on Eurostar, for our journey back home to Northampton.

But as sure as crêpes are crêpes, I just know that "I'll be back" (cf adapted quote from Arnold Taschynegger for those "Terminator" fans!), because Mummy and Daddy come here every year. It just wouldn't be the same if we didn't, and, as Travel Consultant, I also know that I shall be accompanying them.

Oh, and by the way, I spoke to Mummy and Daddy about this secretive chef called Gordon Blue, because we really have had some scrummy food during this holiday. Apparently, what they were actually saying was "Cordon Bleu", which is a French term meaning "blue ribbon", used to describe cookery of a very high standard, and the phrase is pronounced "cord on blur" (I think). Well, that explains everything! So there was I, chomping on all this brilliant food and trying to find this chef, and it was all there right in front of my very nose! I really must learn a bit more French!

So, "au revoir, but not adieu", as they say in France (although next time, I think we may try Paris vacation rentals * instead of hotels).

* [Parental Note]

As you can tell from Taschy's diary, we have been to Paris many times, and we've always stayed in hotels.

Hotels are an obvious choice when considering a Paris vacation, but these days, when visiting Paris, apartment rentals would be what I'd go for.

You see, the problem with many Paris hotels, unless you stay in a really expensive one, is that the rooms are typically very small (with even smaller bathrooms) and although they will be clean, there's not much room to kick back and relax.

Rental apartments, on the other hand, will give you what amounts to a home away from home, with several rooms, usually including a kitchen for those who fancy doing a bit of cooking (although I'm not sure why you'd want to do that when there are too many great restaurants to eat in).

So, if you're thinking about going to Paris, apartments do offer other significant advantages.

For example, you can find them all over the city, just like hotels, but many will be tucked away in quiet corners, rather than being on busy and therefore noisy streets.

The hotel we stayed in on this holiday, the Abbatial St. Germain, while being very comfortable (for a 3 star hotel), is on the incredibly busy Boulevard Saint Germain, but if we'd stayed in this apartment, just a few minutes' walk away on the other side of the Luxembourg Gardens, we'd have been just as handy for most of the same sites, Metro stations and restaurants, but it would have been a lot quieter.

Another advantage of booking a rental apartment is that, if you're going on holiday with family or friends, you can all stay in the one place, unlike hotels where you may be lucky to find adjoining rooms, and even then, you may not be able to get together comfortably all in one room.

And of course, one final advantage is that you probably won't be surrounded by hordes of other tourists.

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