Taschy Meets Gordon Blue

Day 8 - Shopping Day

We had to make do today with a single breakfast, as Daddy didn't seem to fancy any.

So, after changing some more money, we all set off to Châtelet for a walk around Les Halles, which is a rejuvenated market area. It was quite a long walk, which is why we had lunch en route at L'Esplanade St. Eustache, where a Salade Niçoise and a Frankfurter and Frites (no prizes for guessing who had what!) were washed down with rosé wine and beer. This was very welcome after our reduced brekky, earlier!

After lunch, we were unable to prevent Mummy from buying a small frying pan at Samaritaine (that's a department store) and some cloches at a knick-knack shop. Ah well, that's Mummies for you!

Picture Of The Paris Opéra After that, it was the Métro to Opéra, where we had a look at this magnificent building (you can go inside too, on some days, but we had mainly done that on a previous trip), had a look in Printemps (that's another department store), bought a new, terracotta coloured jacket and matching shirt for Daddy in Monoprix (yes, that's another department store, albeit more akin to Woolworth's), and finally had a look in Galeries Lafayette (yes, ...).

After all this shopping, we simply had to sit down and have some refreshments, so we persuaded Mummy and Daddy to go for a quick beer in Café De L'Opéra, just around the corner from the Galeries Lafayette.

This brief respite certainly seemed to do the trick for Mummy, who promptly did some more shopping - this time, for a foulard and a knife.

We slowly wended our way back to our hotel, via yet another kitchen shop, although we did manage to prevent Mummy from buying anything else this time, where we paid our room bill, bought a paper, and set off again for our evening chomps.

As this was our last night, we all unanimously decided to return to our favourite place - the Crêperie Petit Josselin in Montparnasse - where we had a Crêpe Bertine and a Crêpe Jambon Fromage for main course, a Crêpe Mont Blanc and a Crêpe Compote De Pommes for pudding, and a whole litre of that lovely Breton cider for drinks.

Even though this was our last night, and we still hadn't found this Gordon Blue chap, we couldn't summon up the energy to do any sightseeing, so we returned on the Métro to our hotel for some much needed sleep.

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