Taschy Meets Gordon Blue

Day 7 - Strolling In The Tweelery

Picture Of A Beer-Can Loo After brekky, we set of for another walk, this time around the Beaubourg and Châtelet. Beaubourg is where the Pompidou Centre is, which is that strange, modern art looking building with all the exterior pipework.

It was during this walk that Mummy and Daddy queued up to enter what can only be described as a large, beer-can type device (see the picture!). It turned out that these things, which I had noticed elsewhere but not given much thought to, were public toilets. These things are fully automated, and if you stay in too long, you apparently either have the door open to reveal you in all your glory on the toilet, or you get a thorough cleansing by the automatic toilet cleaning device! It just doesn't sound like the sort of place we teddies ought to be in!

During this walk, we had passed a particularly good looking pâtisserie, called something like L'Ange Heurtebize (I think), so we bought some baguettes and a cake there, some meat and cheese from somewhere else, and some wine at Franprix, and we took them all to the Tour St. Jacques for a jolly good little picnic.

Picture Of The Louvre Pyramid Anyway, we carried on with a walk through the grounds of the Louvre (which is a former royal palace, now the home of the most famous painting in the world - the Mona Lisa) and then into the Tuileries ("tweelery"). It is also the home of the new-fangled entrance hall, which is this weird and very non-French, non-majestic glass pyramid thingy (see the photograph). It was designed by Pei Ieoh Ming, who was obviously so taken by his work of art that he forgot all about how to wash all of those glass panes, so it is apparently very difficult to keep it clean - the window-cleaners have to use mountaineering skills to get anywhere close to the glass!

After returning for our customary siesta, we set out for our evening meal a little too early. (Nothing to do with us teddies, honest!) So, Mummy and Daddy went for a little walk around the block, had a quick aperitif (Kir and Ricard) at a quaint little bar called Le Poisson Curieux, and finally couldn't wait any longer for their / our food.

Picture Of L'Écurie So, we walked around the corner to L'Écurie, which looked like a really old place (this photograph was taken the next day, in daylight)! Inside, the place was full of atmosphere (at least, I think that's the polite term for it), but the food was delicious!

After a couple of Sangrias to start, Mummy had Moules (that's mussels!) whilst Daddy had Terrine du Foie de Canard (aka duck pâté - I wish these people would speak English!). This was followed by Fillet Au Poivre and Agneau, and then Profiteroles (thank you, Daddy) and cheese. In the drinks department, we had Daddy's favourite white wine - Sancerre -, followed by two coffees with Calva and Cognac. I felt absolutely sure that Mr. Gordon Blue must have been doing the cooking!

As we were all full to bursting point, we all decided that there would be no late night walks or rides, but simply a return to our hotel for some much needed rest!

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