Taschy Meets Gordon Blue

Day 6 - Impressions Of Paris

After the customary brekky, we set off for the Musée Marmottan again, only we had to have two attempts at this owing to our having to return to the hotel to get something that Mummy had forgotten.

This time, however, when we got to the museum, it was open, which was a bit of a relief. This particular museum houses a lot of impressionist works, including many by that chap called Monet (not to be confused with Manet, of course). Whilst it was all a bit erudite and aesthetic for us teddies, it was pleasant enough.

I thought that it must be time for lunch by now, but Mummy and Daddy made us do another of those walks out of their book before we could eat.

So, we travelled via bus and Métro to Château Rouge, where we did the Montmartre walk. As the weather wasn't brilliant (well, actually, it was p***ing down!), we did manage to persuade Mummy and Daddy to take an early lunch, at a very busy place called Au Pichet Du Tertre, where starters consisted of a mixed salad (no guessing who had that!) and onion soup, followed by two helpings of Boeuf Bourguignon, all washed down with some rosé wine. (I suspected that the chef was not called Gordon Blue, as all the waiting staff looked a bit Middle Eastern.)

Picture Of The Moulin de la Galette Picture Of The Lapin Agile Lunch gave us (well, Mummy and Daddy, actually, as we get carried everywhere!) the energy to continue on with the walk, which took us past a couple of very famous places:

We also visited the Musée Montmartre, which is full of things about and by a painter called Toulouse-Lautrec ("two-loos-low-trek"). It was all a bit high-brow for us teddies (even though he was rumoured to be a very short man), but it did get us inside out of the rain for a while!

The walk terminated with a ride down the funicular railway near the Sacré Coeur.

We then returned to our hotel, via Métro and bus, for our afternoon nap, before venturing out again for our evening meal. This evening's was taken at Les Degrés De Notre Dame, where aperitifs comprised Kir and Pernod Blanc, starters were chicken livers and Jambon de Pays, main courses were duck and chicken, and pudding was cheese and Crème Brûlée. This was all washed down with red wine, and was followed by two coffees, just to fill that last, tiny little hole. Still no sign of Gordon Blue, however!

And finally, bed!

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