Taschy Meets Gordon Blue

Day 5 - Watch Out For The Goblins!

You'll never guess what we did to start the day! That's right - we had brekky.

This was followed by a long trek out to La Muette to visit the Musée Marmottan, which was unfortunately closed today. Never mind - it's not like we teddies had to do anything strenous to get there anyway!

Picture Of The Arc De Triomphe Mummy and Daddy therefore adopted Plan B, which was a quick walk up part of the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe. From there, we caught the Métro to the Tuileries ("tweelery"). From there, we walked to Le Paris St. Germain, where we had lunch, comprising Salade Rouergate (for Mummy, of course), La Montagnarde (a chompy sandwich, for Daddy), and some rosé wine and beer.

After lunch, we returned to the hotel for a while (which was not very difficult, as it was right next door!), and then set forth for a walk along the River Seine, trying to find Daddy's bouquiniste (that's a bookseller, whom we found on our previous trip who sells magic books), but not before eating our way through a palmier biscuit.

After Daddy had bought four books off Monsieur Kronis, we had to go and change some money, since these magic books can be a bit expensive!

Although it was getting quite late by now, we all set off for a walk to see the Goblins (whoever they are!), or so Mummy told us.

The walk took us through some little-visited parts of Paris, including one of Mummy's kitchen gadget shops and a rather interesting tapestry exhibition, and we were quite pleased by the end of it not to run into any of those Goblins, I can tell you! It turned out, however, according to Daddy's guide book, that we never would have seen any Goblins, because the place where the walk terminated was called Les Gobelins (well, it sounds the same to me!), which is where they make high quality tapestries.

When we got back to our hotel, we had a quick freshen up before we sent Mummy and Daddy out to get the evening buns. We had seen Chez Henri earlier in the day, and we thought that that would do us very nicely. Aperitifs consisted of Kirs (again), and then Daddy had Frisée aux Lardons (that's bacon bits and lettuce, basically) whilst Mummy had Asperges Blancs. Main courses were Fillet Au Poivre and Agneau De Sept Heures (that's a French version of the Greek dish called Kleftiko), and pudding was two lots of Crème Brûlée (that's one each for Mummy and Daddy, not two for Daddy, although that has been known). The meal was rounded off with coffee and Armagnac (that's a sort of posh Cognac), and all that was left was a short walk back to the hotel for a well-earned kip.

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