Taschy Meets Gordon Blue

Day 4 - Butties On The Butte

The day started like all other days, with brekky in the basement.

Picture Of The Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont This was followed by a quick walk to the St. Michel Métro station, for a ride to Père-Lachaise, where Mummy and Daddy embarked on another of those fascinating walks from that book ("Walking Paris" by Gilles Desmons) they bought the previous year.

This particular walk took them all over the north eastern part of the city, including:

The walk finished near the beautiful Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, where he had our picnic lunch, right at the top of the hill (by that pagoda-type thing in the photograph).

Picture Of The Place De La Concorde After lunch, we took the bus back to the city centre, and had a look at Fauchon, which just has to be the scrummiest food shop in the entire world! Mummy and Daddy bought us a couple of coffee eclairs for pudding (we hadn't had any with our picnic lunch), before we toddled off across the Place de la Concorde, to jump on a bus that took us back to our hotel, via the supermarket for some more drinks.

In the evening, we wandered off, just around the corner, for a second visit to Aux Trois Bourriques, which I seemed to remember was a rather strange place but with some fantastic food (which I felt sure must be cooked by this Gordon Blue fellow). After a couple of Kirs to start with, Mummy and Daddy both started with the house pâté, which comes in a long dish and you just help yourself! This was followed by Boeuf en Daube for Daddy, and Rognons (I think that is the French for kidneys) for Mummy. Mummy had some cheese for dessert, but we did manage to persuade Daddy to have our favourite - Mousse au Chocolat ("moo-sow-shock-o-la")! With coffees and digestifs - Calva and Cognac - to finish, that more or less did finish us off!

There was only one thing left to do - return to our hotel and sleep this lovely meal off!

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