Taschy Meets Gordon Blue

Day 3 - Picnicking With The Romans

After brekky, we set out on a walk of the Latin Quarter, which included a visit to the Musée Cluny.

Picture Of The Lutecian Arena Of much more interest to us, however, was the shopping that we did at Rue Mouffetard for our picnic lunch, which we had at the Arène de Lutèce, an old Roman arena.

Picture Of The Picnic Lunch Our picnic (see the photograph) consisted of baguette, Camembert, ham, one of those typically French coffee eclairs (courtesy of Daddy, as usual) and sparkling wine.

After lunch, it was time to visit the Tour Eiffel ("tooryfell") followed by another treat - a trip on a Bateau Mouche ("bat-o-moo-sh"), except that this time, we used the Bateaux Parisiens, just for a change. Mummy and Daddy said that they needed a sit down, after all the walking that they had done this morning. We teddies don't understand what their problem is, but, then again, we get carried around all day!

The boat trip takes you past many different sites, such as the Tour Eiffel ("tooryfell"), the Louvre, Notre Dame, Les Invalides, Place de la Concorde and the Conciergerie ("con-sea-air-jerry"). It's all very relaxing!

After that, we returned to our hotel in preparation for tonight's attempt at finding this Gordon Blue chap.

Once again, we ended up not very far from our hotel, in a restaurant called Le Pâcha. It sounded rather eastern - I hardly think this is where we'll find Gordon Blue! -, although the food was very French.

Mummy and Daddy both started with Crottins (that's a sort of French goat's cheese), and then Mummy had veal followed by Camembert, whilst Daddy had Boeuf Bourguignon followed by one of our absolute favourites - Mousse Au Chocolat ("moo-sow-shock-o-la"). Our drinks included some Muscadet, two coffees and some "digestifs" - Cognac for Mummy and Calva (that's what the French appear to call Calvados) for Daddy.

After such a gourmet meal, it was straight back to the hotel for a good night's sleep!

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