Taschy Meets Gordon Blue

Day 2 - Paris Is Magic

Picture Of Notre Dame After our first continental breakfast, which consisted of croissants, French bread, coffee and hot chocolate (thank you, Daddy!), it was time to head out for a quick walk around the Île St. Louis and the Île de la Cité, which is where the cathedral of Notre Dame is situated.

Then, it was time to head back to the hotel, via a magic shop, since Daddy is looking for a particular magic prop.

You see, our hotel is only across the road from Mayette Magie Moderne, which is reckoned to be the oldest magic shop in the world! Unfortunately, they didn't really have what Daddy wanted - at least, not at a price that he wanted to pay.

Never mind, I suggested, why don't we all go for a spot of lunch? I seem to remember that we had a jolly good lunch at a place called L'Entrecôte last year, so Daddy navigated us round the Métro and a few back streets, and we were there in no time at all!

Lunch was really scrummy, once again, although there was no sign of that Gordon Blue chap. Mummy started with some sort of leek mousse (not the sort of stuff we teddies really like, at all!), followed by salmon and then some cheese. Daddy, on the other hand - we always have to rely on Daddy to provide us with the chompy, sticky stuff - had a pizza full of Parma ham, and then finished with a traditional French pudding called "Tarte Tatin". This was accompanied by some rosé wine, two coffees and some "digestifs".

After lunch, we caught the 69 bus to the Place de la Bastille, which is where the big prison used to be before the French Revolution.

Yes, we were back on the trail of Daddy's magic props.

A short walk found us at Magic Productions, where, thankfully, Daddy found exactly what he wanted, and promised not to hike us all over Paris again for the rest of the week!

After a bit of shopping for some drinks at Monoprix, it was back to the hotel for a bit of a rest before embarking on the evening's quest for food.

As it happens, we didn't walk far before finding Le St. Tropez, where we ate simply owing to having pogged out at lunch time. Mummy had a ham salad (aka rabbit food!), whilst Daddy had what we call a "hamlet" (aka ham omelette). This was followed by some cheese, and accompanied by rosé wine and Gini (that's a sort of lemon drink). (I get the impression that our dinner tonight was definitely not cooked by this Gordon Blue chap!)

After dinner, Mummy and Daddy took us up to Montmartre to have a ride on the funicular railway and a look at the Sacré Coeur ("sack-ray-cur").

Our final treat of the day was drinks in the Place du Tertre, where we sipped Kir and Ricard at À La Mère Catherine, before wending our way home for a bit of kip.

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