Some of the clues are based on straightforward knowledge of magic, whilst others are ever so slightly cryptic in nature.





    2  Expert card? (3)

    4  Metal insert in card or coin, say(4)

    6  Stain remover for magicians? (6)

    9  Faro, for example (7)

  12  Maker of modern plastic miracles (5)

  13  See 12 Down

  16  Double ____ (4)

  18  Another name for a deck (4)

  19  Famous make of sponge balls (7)

  21  Magician's name for a handkerchief (4)

23/6D  The Professor (3,6)

  24  Found on the end of a thumb? (3)


    1  Stage name of Richard Valentine Pitchford (7)

    3  Occasionally found in Malini's bag? (3)

    5  See 21

    6  See 23 Across

    7  ____ of boxes (4)

    8  This can be a Circle or Magic (6)

  10  Type of magic can (3)

  11  The number of Kings in a well-known stacked deck? (5)

12/13   Origin of rabbit? (3,3)

  14  What a mentalist might do with a book (4)

  15  Chung Ling ___ (3)

  17  Well-known magic society (1,1,1)

  20  Inventor of Sawing A Lady In Half (6)

21/5 Method of secretly removing a card (4,5)

  22  Chop ___ (3)


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