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Mark Farrar's List Of Magic Books

This page lists:

There are a number of good magic-related novels around, including: Any of the above titles that are underlined are available from (for new books) or Bibliofind (for second-hand books) today!

My list of non-fiction magic books only contains the one entry so far: Any of the above titles that are underlined are available from today!

Magic For Dummies, In Association with Finally, if you are looking for a good beginner's book on magic, I can heartily recommend Magic For Dummies which is also available from today!

This book contains many really great tricks that are easy to do, from over 35 of America's top professional magicians, including Michael Ammar, Mike Bent, Christopher Broughton, Eugene Burger, Lance Burton, Mike Caveney, John Cornelius, Daryl, Doc Eason, Roberto Farini (perhaps better known as Bob Farmer), Paul Harris, Bill Herz, Jade, Kevin James, Aye Jaye, Chad Long, Harry Lorayne, Jay Marshall, Jeff McBride, Tom Mullica, Rich Marotta, Mike Maxwell, Billy McComb, Jon Racherbaumer, Richard Robinson, George Schindler, Jeff Sheridan, Looy Simonoff, Jim Sisti, Tony Spina, Jamy Ian Swiss, Dany Sylvester, Johnny Thompson, Torkova, Gregory Wilson and Meir Yedid.

The Magic Show, In Association with Another book that has been out about a year now and is great fun is The Magic Show, by Mark Setteducati and Ann Benkovitz, which is also available from today!

This book contains about a dozen "interactive" tricks that anybody can do, and the book is really well put together - probably the best of the interactive, pop-up books that I have seen!

To date, I have ordered six of these - one for myself and the rest for friends, who have all received them both gratefully and enthusiastically!

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