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Caricature of magician, Mark Farrar, created by Caricature King - Order your very own caricature NOW! I am an amateur magician, having been bitten by the bug back in 1976, and enjoy close-up card magic, mentalism and mnemonics, but my speciality is Magic Squares, and I have written a book on Magic Squares (which I wrote as my "entrance examination" to become a Member of The Magic Circle). I definitely do not perform children's magic - there are plenty of other magicians who seem to enjoy this particular form of torture!

I have been conducting a survey over the past few months to find out the most popular Playing Card. You can vote on this, if you haven't already, or see the results to date by clicking here.

To get to my Magician's Pages, you need to answer one question: there was a magician whose "Last Trick" involved the transposition of the two red Aces and the two Black Aces. After you click here, you will need to enter the surname of this magician (in lower case) and press the Enter key.

On my other Magic pages, you can find:

  "Appearances to the mind are of four kinds. Things either are what they appear to be; or they neither are, nor appear to be; or they are, and do not appear to be; or they are not, and yet appear to be. Rightly to aim in all these cases is the wise man's task."
Epictetus, Discourses, Chapter xxvii.

If you are looking for some magic clipart, then Steve Giles has plenty, including all of the playing cards.

You might also like to have a look at two Wizard cross-stitches, or a "bear" levitation.

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