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Title Author(s) Category Language(s)
Jade Tiger Thomas, Craig Fiction English
Jamaica Inn du Maurier, Daphne Fiction English
James Bond, The Authorised Biography Pearson, John Fiction English
Janner On Communications Janner, Greville Miscellaneous English
Jay's Journal Of Anomalies Jay, Ricky Entertainment English
Jeu De L'Amour Et Du Hasard, Le Marivaux Drama French
Jewels Steel, Danielle Fiction English
Jian van Lustbader, Eric Fiction English
Jordan Anon Travel English
Journey In Egypt, A Roberts, David Travel English
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Verne, Jules Fiction English
Joy Of Pi, The Blatner, David Mathematics English
Joy Of Work, The Adams, Scott Humour English
Juggernaut Bagley, Desmond Fiction English
Juggernaut Hine, Al Fiction English
Jung For Beginners Hyde, Maggie & McGuinness, Michael Psychology English
Jurassic Park Crichton, Michael Fiction English
Just Say A Few Words Monkhouse, Bob Humour English
Just Six Numbers Rees, Martin Mathematics English

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